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Elliott is beyond excited to announce that the first charity From Fear to Fulfillment profits will be donated to - Paws and Stripes! This amazing organization is dedicated to providing service dogs at no cost to veterans. Paws and Stripes is committed to helping veterans, rescued and rehabilitated shelter dogs, and service dogs!

After completing From Fear to Fulfillment Elliott knew he wanted to donate any profits from this book to charity - he wasn’t interested in making money off his writing and started looking for a new organization to support. 

As a dog-lover who spent the vast majority of his career in the petfood industry, Elliott was immediately drawn to the Paws and Stripes organization. His love of animals coupled with his passion for helping those who have served our country made them a natural choice. 

Elliott is happy to share that all profits from book sales from the book’s launch on Veterans Day through the end of the year will will be donated to Paws and Stripes (donations will including all books sold during pre-sale as well). 

A minimum commitment to donate $1,000 has been made - help Elliott surpass that number by purchasing your copy today!

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