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Resolve to be the Best

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

2022 has just entered the 2nd month and the experts tell us that in excess of 90% of New Year’s Resolutions are already a distant memory. How are you doing with yours? If you are hanging in there, great and keep up the good work, but you are definitely in the minority.

It's not too late to start over, instead of making a bunch of well intentioned but probably unachievable promises that despite your “best” efforts you fail to keep and then “fall off the wagon” and wait for the calendar to turn another year to try again, let’s resolve to be the best we can be. We can start today.

The best part is we do not need to wait for a calendar to decide to make a change in our lives. One of my favorite sayings is “I can’t do anything about what happened in the past but learn from it” and so let’s resolve to learn from past mistakes or “bad luck” and commit to do everything in our power to make the future better. If you stumble, determine what you can learn from the “fall” and start again smarter and better equipped to succeed.

Frankly, each of us should have a long term plan for our life journey. It should be succinct, visible, and stretching (but achievable). For those who have not tackled life goal setting the exercise might appear to be daunting. Since they are your goals the task of developing them can be one of the most liberating and cathartic exercises ever.

Our life journey is the most important journey we will encounter, yet many fail to have the road map on where they want to go or the road they desire to travel to get there. If it feels a bit overwhelming then start with a few short term transactional goals that are easily achievable. Once you have tackled those mini goals the success will energize you to move forward. Nothing builds confidence more than success.

It might be most effective to have a good friend or loved one help you stay on track. Choose wisely, these accountability partners need to introduce “tough love” when it is warranted.

Applying the attitude that “I can change what I desire to change” is extremely powerful. At home, at work, and at play resolving to be the best will pay huge dividends. Do not wait for next year or even next week. Start today!

You got this,


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