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Wake Up • Speak Up • Step Up

Today, I am excited to introduce a program to help take back our country. I call it Wake Up, Speak up, Step Up.

I view this plan as a rallying cry for all Americans, a movement where everyone is invited and encouraged to join.

  • If you seek justice and unity for all - this program is for you.

  • If you seek true equality and inclusion for all - this program is for you.

  • If you long for a better future, not just for your children, but for all children - this program is for you.

  • If you reject hateful and alienating rhetoric - this program is for you.

  • If you reject divisive identity politics - this program is for you.

As its name implies, Wake Up, Speak Up, Step Up consists of three elements. Each is crucial to achieving a unified and strong America. I believe we can be that Shining City on the Hill that Ronald Reagan so aptly described. We can reject the destructive and divisive winds of the dark winter we are now enduring, but we can only do it together.

I will be diving deep into each step in future posts, but to kick things off, here’s the initial plan:

Acknowledge there is a problem. There are many influences and institutions in this country (and around that world) that are actively working to divide, depress, and dishearten us.

This messaging emanates from both obvious and unexpected sources. Entities such world leaders, politicians, dubious financiers and the media have long been the source of such rhetoric. Tragically, groups that we trust to nurture and protect us such as our educators, medical professionals, faith leaders, and even family members have been seemingly brainwashed with this dangerous dogma.

It is easy to bury our heads in the sand (or more likely our phone) and close our eyes to these issues, but if we want better for ourselves, our society and future generations we must wake up.

Use your voice. Our voice is such an important tool and we must muster the courage to use it. Our founding fathers felt the right to speak up was so important they made it the first amendment. It can be difficult and scary, especially today when voices of division are propped up by the media and praised in pop culture.

It’s important to remember to embrace a respectful, informed, and unifying tone when using your voice. Your message will be much more well-received if it comes from a genuine place of caring, plus pushing back against hateful rhetoric with more agressions will never move us forward.

Remember the words of the late, great Martin Luther King Jr.: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Take action. There are many actions you can take, some more simple than others. Even taking just small steps can make a difference.

Educating yourself, informing others, and voting in elections is vital to combating the corruption in our government.

Calling out and boycotting companies and institutions that are actively undermining freedom and equality by using slave labor or empowering those who work to divide us is a simple way to help fight division, racisim, and abuse.

Becoming an active member of your local education system, and mentoring our youth and children in need is one of the best ways to help stop the indoctrination and manipulation of our most vulnerable and impressionable.

Even something as simple as making time for your own family and being an example of love and dependability can have an impact.

It will not always be easy, and some things will be harder than others, but I know in my heart the principles of Wake Up, Speak Up, and Step Up will serve us well. There is one direction we need to go, not left, not right, but UP.

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