We Just Haven't Met, Yet.

I'm just an ordinary guy who's been able to lead an extraordinary life, and I want help you find your extraordinary, too.

it's time we meet

It started out ordinary...

I started off like any other employee and worked my way up to senior levels of leadership. It was there I found my true calling, as a CPG senior executive and change agent leader, helping my teams build confidence and achieve success.

I spent the majority of my 40-year career in the pet industry, with a few pit stops in other C-level roles in different industries, including a senior leadership role at H.J. Heinz. I've also had the opportunity to serve as a board director at seven companies, as well as a management board member of another three.

Through all of these experiences, I developed a passion for coaching leaders, sometimes reluctant or unexpected leaders, while transforming companies. After retiring in 2012, I founded Unbundle It LLC - a continuing education, consulting, an executive coaching company focused on corporate turnaround and change. This role allowed me to work as an educator and advisor for over thirty companies.

Because I've got a story to tell

...but turned into extraordinary.

To you this might just look like a picture with my team, but to me, it's a testament to the lives I've been blessed to be a part of in my work life.

The meals and celebrations I've shared with my teams.
The teammates I've grown to care for and dream for.
The friendships that have extended beyond the boardroom and the office, even once the working relationship has ended.

These are the extraordinary things I've come to value. And I hope to help you find your extraordinary, too.

Now, my mission is to pay it forward.

I've been lucky to be able to actively serve in my community, working with various youth organizations over the years. Serving as President of my local Big Brothers & Big Sisters, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for the Child Advocacy Center of Pennsylvania, and on the board of the Florida Gulf Coast Chapter of Young Life have been some of the most enriching and rewarding opportunities of my lifetime.

Shepherding others is my passion and I hope to meet you along the journey.


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