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Elliott believes every person has the ability to win - to win at home, win at work, and win at life. 

But winning is more than just achieving success and reaping the benefits. How one wins is just as important as the winning itself, and what one does with their wins is perhaps most vital of all. We have an awesome responsibility to enrich others with the fruits of our winning.

Elliott’s philosophy is built on the concept that fear and greed work as a tag-team of discontent - driving unproductive behaviors, both in life and in business.  Identifying the underlying forces behind these two destructive factors is crucial to overcoming them and achieving fulfillment.

While working with both businesses and individuals, Elliott has found that the best way to help those around him achieve their wins is by optimizing their health (both personal and team) and in doing so enabling powerful force multiplier results.  

In business, Elliott sees team health as the key to optimized performance.

Elliott’s Theory of Optimization
(Optimized Organizational Cooperation) + (Optimized Organizational Capability) = (Optimized Organizational Capacity)


In life, Elliott sees personal health as the key to individual performance. This includes all three health factors: physical, mental, and spiritual. Only when we have all three attributes are effectively aligned can one find true fulfillment.

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