Unbundle It

Do you have what it takes to "Master the Bundle"?

Unbundle It is based on the theory that people are predisposed to create complexity in their lives and businesses. It explores various theories as to the root of this reality. The book offers suggestions on how to overcome the burden that complexity creates in our lives and businesses. Humorous and enlightening real world examples are employed to demonstrate the realities of bundling and validate the simplifying solutions. The book further examines the power of bundling and how bundling is used in everyday life to create an advantage for those who have mastered the bundle. It helps the reader to recognize the bundle and how to deal with it in an appropriate fashion.

The book takes the reader on a journey from self examination through achieving team excellence. Through a combination of personal and team excellence optimal results can be achieved while creating time for either an enhanced work life balance or to expand the overall organizational capacity. Unbundle it addresses many of the most challenging conundrums facing business today in a lighthearted yet applicable fashion. The reader will become acquainted with a strategic planning process that will deliver the best results in a broadest spectrum of future states.

The reader will uncover the balance between planning and execution and why many companies are predisposed to invest too much time on planning and too little time on execution or run to the other extreme. The book covers an extensive range of relevant topics including time management, leadership, meetings, communication, negotiation, and crisis management. In addition, the reader is introduced to easy methods to eliminate bundles, create time, and expand the company’s overall performance. The book pokes fun at many traditional business theorems and proposes a compelling alternative to conventional wisdom. As the title suggests, the book attempts to reduce all activities down to their simplest terms. The book’s theories and suggestions are applicable for everyday life. As such the book is not just for business people. Unbundle It parallels actions in business and personal life.

At its conclusion, Unbundle It challenges the reader to “Master the Bundle” and put it to work for their advantage.


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