February 25, 2024

An Attitude for Education

Learning to learn.

Personal growth begins and ends with attitude.  

Do I possess the intellectual maturity to recognize that I do not have all the answers?

Do I realize that teachable moments abound in both formal and informal settings?

Do I value education?

Becoming Educated

Education, or more aptly the thirst to become educated, is the singular defining imperative that changes the trajectory of one’s future. The quest for education directly correlates with opportunity and opportunity leads to fulfillment.

Education as a topic feels a bit broad. It is the focus on the gaining of relevant knowledge that seems like a more appropriate overarching goal for one’s life journey. What information should we seek? To answer that question, one must look inward to their moral compass.

What is my driving force?

What values are so core to my existence that I am unwilling to compromise them no matter what the circumstances?

While I believe most educational opportunities are positive, some are more constructive than others. For example, I might have a hunger to know the stats of every player on my favorite sports team. There is nothing wrong with this compulsion, but when it trumps more mission critical information, we must be able to parse the value of one type of information for another.

Making a Commitment

A commitment to be teachable and to teach others is one that will endure for a lifetime. Enthusiasm for learning and educating others becomes symbiotic with our most closely held values, and in doing so, becomes embedded into our very existence. This will metamorphize into a thirst for information that will endure throughout the remainder of your lifetime.

An essential element of this transformation is that we commit to learning something new every day, and in turn, seek to enrich others with the same vigor. As you embark remember to be joyous in all endeavors. It’s an attitudinal shift that will last a lifetime.

Will You Make a Commitment?

Are you ready to embark on this vital next step in your journey? How will your life be enriched? How will you enrich the lives of others? How will the world be impacted through your calling?

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