May 12, 2024

Defining Your Moral Compass

Calibrate your moral compass and tune in to your values to achieve a deeper understanding of your relationships both at home and at work.

Your moral compass - the essential, way maker that helps us navigate our life journey.  

Understanding the Importance of Your Moral Compass

Can you imagine a pilot or a boat captain attempting to embark on a journey without the proper navigation tools?


Your life journey is no different, though, I would suggest it is far more important. Attempts to traverse one’s lifetime without the guidance of a moral compass is equally impossible, though most people go about their lives without giving it a second thought.

Calibrating Your Compass

When you set out to construct the elements that will become your moral compass, it is wise to seek the counsel of a trusted friend, coach, or mentor. These influencers become instant validators. It’s critical that when we choose this person or group of people that our relationship is such that they will challenge your motivations. Whether intentional, or by happenstance, we are often unable to see some of the flaws in our personal life plan. This is where our mentors, or "honesty brokers," play a vital role. They share the hard truths that are vital in ensuring we do not follow paths that likely lead to less than desirable outcomes.

As you construct your moral compass, you must embark on a journey deep into the recesses of your psyche. What do you value? What elements of your personality are so embedded into your being that you are uncomfortable when your actions are in contradiction to them?

Take, for example, integrity. This feels like a worthwhile attribute that might well be core to your values. For many, even most, this seems rather obvious or benign, but true integrity is a rather rare attribute. Many give it lip service, but truly valuing integrity is a noble, but difficult imperative.

Still, there are other values that might be more controversial. For example, I value timeliness. For me, being on time connotes a deep respect for others and further demonstrates the ability to discipline yourself that exudes positivity. What about you? How do you feel about timeliness? What values are core to you that might not rise to the same level of importance to others?

Tuning In To Your Values

You should have between five and seven core values.

Write them down.
Review them on a regular basis.
Reference them daily.
These are the building blocks that help to calibrate your moral compass.  

Give yourself permission to embrace them in all actions. Knowing your core values will help in your relationships. Seek to surround yourself with those who share your values. Life becomes so much richer when our circle of influence is populated with others who share your core beliefs. If you value integrity, being in close contact with someone who is deceitful can be not only uncomfortable, but result in poisoned relationships that debilitate your wellbeing.

Timeliness? What if someone around you is chronically late? Will you find it difficult to rely on them to be on time?

Getting it Right

Getting our core values right is an essential and worthwhile exercise. Embrace the quest to navigate your life journey with the inclusion of this vital way maker and watch your wellbeing soar.

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